Please accept my warmest congratulations and wishes on the occasion of the great national holiday of our statehood – the Independence Day of Ukraine!
This is not just the birthday of the state. It is a celebration of the memory of whole generations of our ancestors who created the nation and fought for statehood, as well as a day when we should think about tomorrow, about future generations, about our responsibility to history.
Independence Day is a day on which the Past and Future of Ukraine meet annually. The past must inspire wisdom. The future must instill in us a responsibility to make decisions.
In the hearts of the people of Ukraine, the August blue sky and the orange grain field merge with the colors of Ukrainian statehood into a symbol of freedom and labor. Creating the history of the Motherland, its present and future is the duty of each of us, the whole nation.
Today, as never before, this holiday makes high demands on each of us, encourages special responsibility to ourselves, our country, future generations, because this is the most difficult period of modern Ukraine, because human blood is shed, we suffer from external armed aggression. Such is the price for our people’s desire for a dignified life in an integral, independent and prosperous European state.
Therefore, we wish all of you, dear compatriots, in these difficult days to jointly and steadfastly continue to defend the sovereignty of our state, to increase its traditions and benefits, as required by conscience and conscience. May the Lord protect us all!
Glory to Ukraine!